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Emerald City Pet Rescue Anniversary Party/Fundraiser
3pm Saturday August 27, 2016
Elysian Brewery Great Pumpkin Beer Fest
Saturday, October 8, 2016
Hilloween @ Seattle Center Gym and Broadway Procession
2:40pm, Saturday, October 29, 2016
Chaotic Noise Marching Corps is a Seattle based renegade marching band that is dedicated to keeping the tradition of music, performance, energy, havok, discipline and sheer stupid fun alive in Seattleā€™s streets.

Founded by committee members and participants of HONK! Fest West as well as other Seattle groups such as Titanium Sporkestra, and Sounders FC Soundwave Band, Chaotic Noise looks to produce high energy shows using a wide variety of musical genres.

Heavily influenced by past projects as well as the likes of The Infernal Noise Brigade, Extra Action Marching Band, and HONK Bands from around the world, Chaotic Noise assures that you will have lots of fun forgetting how to think, breathe and act in your everyday lives.

To contact us about booking, membership, collaboration, donations, bus rentals, dates, cheap labor, political advice, psychological help or limericks, please send an email to:
Fund Raise Bussy From the Dead!

Bussy, aka Black Bussy, aka Murder Bus, aka the Motherfucking bus - died on the road during our 2016 Smash the Quiet Tour, attempting to bring the Noise that is Chaotic to the West Coast. Currently, our bus is stranded in Medford, OR awaiting a new engine.

Chaotic Noise Marching Corps (CNMC) will spend the entirety of our reserves, which is a little less than half the cost, to repair Bussy. The total cost requires that we raise a demonic sum of $6,660 for a new engine. This will enable CNMC to continue spreading music and art to the cities and streets of the Northwest and beyond.

Our plan is to keep playing as loud and as hard as we can. But we also need you, our friends and fans, to invest in Chaotic Noise and to be part of the fabric of our history and cause. This is a genuine ask of support from all those who appreciate what we bring to our community of music lovers and mayhem makers in our time of need.

This fund raiser will run for one month till the end of August 2016. All donations $10 and above come with a limited edition "The Heart of Bussy Will Never Die" sticker that we've designed specifically for our supporters who have helped us get Bussy back on the road. Thank you for your support!

$1,454 Raised / Days Left


Anything helps. We'll love you till you die for supporting us. Even then, we'll take turns to come by and lick the dirt that covers your grave. You're Welcome!


Limited Edition Screen Printed Vinyl Sticker. We made these to show your support for Bussy during this fund raiser. After Aug 31st, the screen will be destroyed, the die will be melted, and the image will be erased and sacrificed in a pyre of glory and wet dreams.


Download our new "Zero to Lizard Man" album (released June 2016). Plus Limited Edition Sticker.


Signed Photo of Bussy by all CNMC members. Plus "Zero to Lizard Man" album and Limited Edition Sticker.


Limit 20

Write any non-hate, permanent message on Bussy's ceiling in Sharpie. Plus Signed Photo, "Zero to Lizard Man" album, and Limited Edition Sticker.


Limit 5

Shark body pillow handmade by our Bari-Saxiphonist Lindsay (Sharkonaut). Look how much fun you'll have!! Messy will show you how. Plus Permanent Message on Bussy, Signed Photo, "Zero to Lizard Man" Album, and Limited Edition Sticker.
* Not included in any other gifts *


Limit 5

VIP privileges for you and a friend at a Chaotic Noise hosted party. This includes Free Drinks all night, access to VIP lounge on Bussy, and the power to wield the Chaos Horn which gains the attention of all CNMC members to either yell or blast their instruments at your command. Plus Permanent Message on Bussy, Signed Photo, "Zero to Lizard Man" Album, and Limited Edition Sticker.


Limit 1

Brand your name forever in the canon of Chaotic Noise by renaming one of our songs. We'll yell out your name whenever we call to play your song, till the end of time. Plus VIP privileges at a Chaotic Noise Event, Permanent Message on Bussy, Signed Photo, "Zero to Lizard Man" Album, and Limited Edition Sticker.