Chaotic Noise Marching Corps is a Seattle based renegade marching band that is dedicated to keeping the tradition of music, performance, energy, havok, discipline and sheer stupid fun alive in Seattle’s streets.

Founded by committee members and participants of HONK! Fest West as well as other Seattle groups such as Titanium Sporkestra, and Sounders FC Soundwave Band, Chaotic Noise looks to produce high energy shows using a wide variety of musical genres.

Heavily influenced by past projects as well as the likes of The Infernal Noise Brigade, Extra Action Marching Band, and HONK Bands from around the world, Chaotic Noise assures that you will have lots of fun forgetting how to think, breathe and act in your everyday lives.

To contact us about booking, membership, collaboration, donations, bus rentals, dates, cheap labor, political advice, psychological help or limericks, please send an email to: band@chaoticnoise.com
Fund Raise Bussy From the Dead!

Dear Patrons of Chaotic Noise,

Our fund raiser has ended with a grand total of $1,544. Though we only raised 23% of our original goal, please know that we greatly appreciate what generosity and support we have received from you our fans and family! 

Along with other funds, loans, and the money provided from donors like you, we've managed to get Bussy a new beating heart. She is now back within our care, roaring louder than ever in the streets of Seattle. It's been a long summer without Bussy, but we're looking forward to loading her back up for our next adventure.

With love and respect from the entire band of Chaotic Noise Marching Corps,
Thank You!

Anna Bell * Christina Sears * Dennis Crowley * Derek Wingfield * Evan Farnsworth * Gen. Garth Donald * Jacqui DuBois * Kai Strandskov * Mary Ellen Bowers * Michael Black * Sonya Gabrielson * Tom Bates * ZVCS

Shit Show Tickets

Nov 9th ~ Doors open at 9:30pm

Jewelbox Theater @ The Rendezvous

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Join us for an evening of debaucherous nonsense featuring Chaotic Noise Marching Corps and YOUR special (no)talent. If you have no talent in juggling, stand-up, magic, or guerrilla theatre, you're in luck!

We will invite you to spin the Wheel of Talents all night and whatever you get is what you do. Everyone's guaranteed to be a winner!

Join us for this special and amazing evening of chaos - one you and your friends are sure to never forget.

Space limited. Order your presale tickets today.